Ultimate Kit Menstrual Cup Kit

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Our Special Cup, Cup Steriliser Pad, and Pants kit!

Everything to you need to make the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

❤ No Need To Buy Menstrual Products EVER again!*
 Up to 12 hours of protection 
❤ Use day or night 
 Cups have up to 3 x tampon & pad capacity 
❤ Pants Hold 15 ml, Perfect for backup or full protection
 Comfy & reliable 
 Chemical & toxin-free 
❤ Medical Grade Silicone
 Better for the environment better for you
❤ Never worry about leaks again! 

4 X Floweret ™ Menstrual Cups (choice of sizes)
4 X Cotton Cup Storage bags 
2 X Floweret ™ Carry & Sterilise Case
(3 Minute Menstrual Cup steriliser, doubles as a cup carrier)
5 X Floweret ™ Super Comfy Reusable Menstrual Pads
5  X Floweret Period Pants 

It is recommended to have two Floweret ™ cups on rotation for ease of use. Remove, clean and sterilise your Floweret ™ cup after 12 hours of use.

Please note: We added the teen size guide for quick reference only, they are the same as adult sizes, the size guide shows this and the measurements. It’s always best to check the measurements!